Went to see the new Cirque du Soleil show last night!

Aviva and I try to make the new Cirque du Soleil shows when they come to Chicago; we got hooked over six years

Corteo was a bit different – the acrobatics were a little less over the top, there was more dancing, the usual helping of
comedy (but perhaps a little less going out into the audience), and more music and show. There was a modern dance segment that had just enough physicality to fit in, and there was a playing of a Mozart piece on mouth whistle, violin and glass orchestra – the glass orchestra consisted of large glass bowls that could be struck or made to sing with wood mallets run around the rim, and a fellow that played crystal glasses filled with water, the water level setting the pitch (this reminded me of my youth – my father and I would occasionally test the crystal at a restaurant by wetting our fingers and running them lightly around the rim of the glass, the friction making the glass “sing” much like a violin
bow causes the string to vibrate – my mother hated when we did that!). The second half opened with a trampoline /
net that crossed the stage and people bouncing / walking across it – very neat.  That led into my favorite scene – above the stage, people were tossed between platforms as if it was a trapeze act, without the trapeze – very cool!

I’m glad we went – it was lots of fun as all their shows are. You can click here to go to the official web site for


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