The journey ends

We had to cross another marathon to get to the airport, and the cab driver cursed out another driver, which reminded us of home here in Chicago. Otherwise, the return flight was uneventful. However, the airline decided to deliver one of our bags the next day, which meant we had to wait around until all the bags were off the flight, then wait in another line (with only one customer service rep) to report our bag missing just to be told it would be on a flight tomorrow. Too bad customer service doesn’t mean anything to KLM anymore…. By the way, our bag was finally delivered, in one piece, two days later, after a number of phone calls of which only one resulted in a talking to a real person (at least that person was kind and had useful information).

I found one nice quote in a copy of Military Heritage magazine that I read on the return flight: “Security is very frequently the commencement of calamity.” – Paterculus.


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