Training to Florence

The train to Firenza (Florence) was uneventful and very comfortable (pay for first class, its not that expensive and the seats are nicer). We checked into the Albergo Pensione Centrale, which was not as clean as we would like and, gasp, lacked a TV in the room! The bathroom was so tiny they put the shower head above and next to the toilet, so that taking a shower would get the toilet seat all wet.

Albergo Pensione Centrale business card

Albergo Pensione Centrale business card

I caught Aviva’s cold today.

I finished The Mask of Command today; I would recommend it. The one paraphrase I’d drop is that leadership is: kinship, sanction (reward/punishment), example, prescription (risk taking), and action (p. 345). I next started The Doors of Perception/Heaven and Hell.


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