Basil’s Resume

Basil Kramer

Objective Have fun and make trouble.

Experience Aviva and Bob’s Dog, July 1996 – Present

Beta Dog

Currently completing with the other members of the family for alpha dog status.

Eat, sleep, urinate and defecate effectly. Squeek toys and get as much attention as possible.

Had a cyst removed from foot one year ago; healed fine, but played with the bandages excessively.

Wore a hole in the kitchen door from repeated scratching to get out while waiting for my pack to return. Repeatedly destroyed blind in living room from wanting to see out to bark at people in the street.

Training completed:

  • Four sessions at a local dog training workshop; after the first session I urinated on my pack leader’s foot.

Valparaso Animal Shelter, June 1996 – July 1996

Beta Dog

Earned nickname of Taz, short for Tasmanian Devil. Ran around all the time and barked a lot. Wanted people to play with me.

No Degree Irving Park YMCA classes 1997


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