Cover of Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad


Cover of Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad

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So there’s a lot of story here so skip down if you just want to hear the track…
I learned this song over 40 years ago in the first band I was in. I was a tender 17 years old – I don’t have a high school degree, I left to go to college early cause I was bullied all through school; My junior year of high school I took chemistry and this beautiful girl sat next to me – she leaned in and said she was up for valedictorian and this was her risky class, I looked like the smartest person in the room would I help her – of course I did, and I learned about symbiotic relationships as the next time someone tried to bully me a member of the football team came over and said I was the quarterback’s girlfriend’s lab partner and what that bully was doing wasn’t smart. I applied and was accepted to 3 universities, USC, Harvard and U of Delaware. I picked the U of D because:

  1. They had a new early admissions program starting that year called the Freshman Honors Program (now the University Honors Program) that brought professors from all over the country to the school to teach interdisciplinary and regular classes,
  2. It was 2 hours away from home so I could get home if I needed to (I did end up taking a Greyhound bus once) and mom and dad couldn’t come unannounced, and
  3. They offered me a 1/2 ride scholarship.

I was raised in a very sheltered rural then suburban area. The first friends I made a college were musicians (and I got my college nicknames shortly thereafter, Electric Bob and Purple Hays). So the first break I spent much of the money I’d saved working at a gas station the summer before on a Yamaha combo organ and matching 60W amp with rotating speaker.
And this was one of the songs we played. Badly. And the rest is history…
I haven’t listened to this album for years – and now with all I’ve learned here I heard it very differently. I noted that the music was very synchronized and the vocals were all over the place, very live.
So here we are…
This is Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad. It’s all keyboards except the drums – I blended two kits, one rock and one the new SynthWave kit from ToonTrack, to beef up and make the drums a little electronic without going overboard. The bass is a new plugin from Martinic that’s a keyboard bass – at first I thought I might do something Door’s like and so that made sense; I like the sound so it stayed. There’s organ of course and MiniMoogs for the guitar lines. And a few other bits mostly on MiniMoogs (I had a MicroMoog eventually in college and built a second oscillator for it, so that’s my comfort zone :slight_smile: ). I thought back to the (reasonably good) jam bands I’d been in and tried to make some interesting decisions through the solos for the backing bits.
And I sing on this; I think I’ve learned a bit about the mic I’m using and I think this EQ is better than what I did on Dirty Work. I also recorded two tracks of backing vocals (and I tried to keep the spirit and not be too exact with any of the vocals). I spent more time on this than I planned, however, it brought back a lot of memories.



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