And a cover of Steely Dan’s Dirty Work


And a cover of Steely Dan’s Dirty Work

And as I was finishing the previous Steely Dan cover (Do It Again) Aviva and I started watching George and Tammy. Growing up, my mom had a Sons of the Pioneers album (Cool Water, which if you haven’t heard it you should), and we listened to a fair bit of country music when I was little. And one night as I was falling asleep I heard a country style intro to Dirty Work. And I was over my writer’s block on how to do a cover of this song.

So here’s a somewhat country style cover. I listened carefully to the pedal steel guitar in George and Tammy and used some of those ideas here. I also used the strumming feature in the Martin guitar plugin in Ample Sound for the first time. I just wish I sang better.

The cover is pic of a prostitute propositioning someone in a car, which I solarized in Photoshop – I think that’s somewhat fitting for a Steely Dan cover.


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