Robot Sex Album Notes


Robot Sex Album Notes

I’ve been watching shows about robots entering society, things like Humans, Black Mirror, and Electric Dreams. Humans had an entire subplot about sex with robots. And that gave me the direction for this album – what does robot sex mean?

All the ‘vocals’ on this album are synthetic since this is after all an album about synthetics.

The first song on the album, and the title track, takes after The Who during Who’s Next – simple synth arpeggios with distorted guitar, bass and drums. And an organ solo.

I had the concept for the second song in my head – the bells, the synths; my mom played hand bells in church so… I was driving to work one day and heard crickets chirping between this song and the next, and I liked it.The third song started with the weird guitar riff.

The fourth song might belong in a soundtrack someplace.

The fifth song is my tribute to funk.Replication is pretty straight forward progressive rock.

Marble started as an improvisation on piano; I added the guitar part after listening over and over again to Heroes by Bowie.

I don’t think I could do an album without something in 7 time, hence Chrome Servo.

Robotto started with the sequenced parts and then morphed into something different.

Welded Alaska has elements of UK from their first album, which I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Another World came to me while I was listening to Soundchaser by Yes.

And the last song has been a work in progress for years – I finally figured out a middle section. And so put it on the end here. Sounds live, but is it Memorex?


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