Palazzo Strozzi and heading home


Palazzo Strozzi and heading home

As usual we got out late and headed to the Palazzo Strozzi. We had lunch at their cafe which we really liked (I had a burger, Aviva a salad – we needed a break from Italian food). Then we took in the show “Il Cinquecentro a Firenze” which highlighted artwork from the 1500s in Florence.

Notable was the Pontormo painting from San Felicita (glad we didn’t go over there to see it when we were on the Oltarno).

A little more shopping and then back to pack – we decided to come home early, Aviva’s arthritis and my bad knee and ankle was making walking around a chore, and to really enjoy Florence you need to walk.

When we tried to go to sleep (our flight out is at 7A, yikes!) there was a huge party next door that didn’t end til after midnight – so not much sleep for our trip home.


Location:Piazza di San Lorenzo,Florence,Italy


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