San Lorenzo, the Duomo


San Lorenzo, the Duomo

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We got out a little earlier today. We started with San Lorenzo and it’s library (which was designed by Michelangelo). The cathedral’s face was also designed by Michelangelo but never applied so it looks quite raw from the outside.

The line for the Duomo was short so we decided to walk through. To me, the Duomo feels like a huge train station with vignettes of artwork on the walls (oh, there’s a Ucello…).

We tried to get into the Orsanmichele but the line was too long. We split up, Aviva looking for a jewelry store she liked (she found it) and I hunting down a hobby shop that used to care metal military miniatures and then a comic book shop. We met back up on the Piazza San Lorenzo and had dinner at a shop across from our apartment.



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