The Ufici


The Ufici

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This day we had a 2P ticket to the Ufici, which means office in Italian. We got an incredibly slow start – my throat is still sore and Aviva didn’t sleep well. So we ended up rushing out at about 1:30, grabbed a fast lunch at Move On, a combination record store and pub. The pizza was okay for something really fast.

Then on to the Ufici. You trade the reservation paper for tickets, then go into the door labeled 1. Then up an elevator and we were in the galleries. I’ll post photos when I get home – unfortunately this program isn’t handling photos right (or the personal wi-fi device isn’t).

We rested at Suncafe and found a restaurant for dinner. We ended up eating at Osteria della Bella Donne, which was on the way to what we were looking for. The food was good and the staff very friendly and funny.

As usual we ended up at the nearby Sapori & Dintorni grocery – most Italians shop almost daily for fresh food at markets near their home.

Location:Piazza di San Lorenzo,Florence,Italy



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