Shopping in Florence


Shopping in Florence

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We got a late start – my throat is sore and scratchy and neither of us slept especially well.

We decided to do some shopping, so we went to some stores Aviva identified, ending at Aviva’s favorite jewelry store and I at the Florence Apple Store.

Aviva found all kinds of neat things including a ring and earrings. I found a really unique mechanical pencil (in purple of course).

I think this is an awesome mechanical pencil

I think this is an awesome mechanical pencil

We had dinner at a place we first ate at in 2009, Coquinarius. I had the spaghetti carbonara and Aviva had raviolis filled with seafood. They brought us a 4 piece sampling of their pear filled pasta – it was delightful!

We stopped at the grocery to get some things and headed back to the apartment. Refrigerators tend to be small so people tend to shop often here – the grocery has always been busy when we went in. Also, a tip – we found you have to weigh and ticket produce before going to the registers, otherwise they won’t ring it up.

Location:Piazza di San Lorenzo,Florence,Italy




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