“Spring Rolls” is available on CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify!


“Spring Rolls” is available on CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify!

My new album Spring Rolls is available now on CD Baby at:


You can find it on iTunes at:


And on Spotify at:


When it shows up on Amazon and eMusic I’ll provide more links.

This album is held up at both ends by long progressive rock songs; in the middle is a range of work including jazz and a couple songs influenced heavily by soundtracks like the one for the television show “The Knick.” I’m also experimenting more heavily with sound and sound-modifying processes.

The first track, “Surf and Turf Salad,” starts with a spaghetti western homage, and ends with lyrics sung by a Vocaliod that came to me while consider Frank Zappa lyrics. The next track, “Subway,” was directly influenced by the soundtrack of “The Knick” – I really love listening to that show (as much as watching it). The next song, “Metalesque,” is a combination of Arabic-influenced world music along with metal-influenced sections. “The Music Box” started with the musical box section played on a synth – I found a musical box Kontact library and used that. “Sophists, Eunuchs, and Suffragettes” is a straight rock tune again using a Vocaloid for the lyrics and the Alter/Ego plugin for backing vocals during the chorus; the second guitar part came to me as I was watching a video of Soundgarden perform. “SOS” is another tune influenced by “The Knick” and by some other soundtracks I’ve been listening to lately. The song “Ohh Yeah” is intentionally short – at this point in the album I figured it needed something quick and peppy after “SOS.”  “Yourself” is a progressive rock song with a pretty conventional, and I think slightly athletic, synth solo. “California Roll” is a jazz jam – I envisioned a band of keyboard, bass, drums, trumpet and sax, with everyone except the drummer getting an extended solo (honestly I forgot the drums or I would have added a short drum solo too). “Tonight” has lyrics from two different voices in the Alter/Ego plugin; this was intentionally meant to sound a little like Stephen Hawking and is a love song after a fashion. “Misery” was the first song I wrote for this album – the opening sax line was taken loosely from the sax solo in “Walk on the Wild Side” and there are two short bits of “The Flight of the Bumblebee” along with some influence from Frank Zappa in some of the interlocking lines.

This album took over a year to finish, I hope you like it – please comment below and let me know what you think.

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