The Bunny Museum and the Huntington Library


The Bunny Museum and the Huntington Library

Yesterday was Obscura Day in LA – a day to celebrate obscure things to do in Los Angeles. We tried to visit the Bunny Museum once before only to find you needed to call well in advance to book an appointment. The Bunny Museum was on the Obscura Day list!

This is one wild place – wall to wall bunnies. Ceramic bunnies. Plush bunnies. Even stuffed bunnies – the family keeps live bunnies and when they die they have them stuffed and put on display (I petted one of the live bunnies). No furries however. They are trying to obtain a 12,000 sq. ft. new space – they need it!

We had time to visit the Huntington Library. At one time the Huntingtons had the largest book collection in the United States. The grounds are huge and have a beautiful garden all around them. Visiting isn’t cheap ($25 a person), however, given the art gallery, book collection and grounds you could spend hours there. They have a few notable art works, most famous are probably “Pinky” and “Blue Boy” – we’re not fans of that period of art, we went right to the Renaissance collection. We also visited their standing book exhibit, which is amazing – they have a Guttenberg Bible and an original press of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


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