A Malibu Beach (and a video of a seal)


A Malibu Beach (and a video of a seal)

We decided to take my mother-in-law, Lil, and one of my brothers-in-law, Brian, to a beach in Malibu (Beasti Beach to be specific). We spread the blanket and Lil and Brian laid down. Aviva and I strolled the beach.

We came upon some guys looking at something in the rocks – turned out it was a seal. It didn’t look well, it looked like one eye wasn’t opening well. And it seemed groggy, sunning itself on the rocks. The seal finally got up and went back into the Pacific; here’s a video of the last part of his trip to the water:

We then took Lil and Brian into Malibu to check out the Pier, then back towards Topanga Canyon for dinner at the Reel Inn. We love the Reel Inn – the food is fresh and good and simple, and inexpensive too!

Here are the rest of the pictures I took, all with my iPhone 5:


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