Haunted: Dark Delicacies III (review)


Haunted: Dark Delicacies III (review)

This is the third (and currently last) anthology from Dark Delicacies’s owner Del Howison; you can read my reviews of the other two books here and here.

I loved this volume the most of the three; the theme this time is haunted, and all the stories have a creepy edge to them. The last story, “The Architecture of Snow,” is amazing for it’s character development and plot shifts in such a relatively short span. “Tyler’s Third Act” is sick in a really good way; to what lengths would you go if you reached your limit? And the first story, “Children of the Vortex,” will remind you of a bizarre, deeper, scarier “The Human Centipede” with some very chilling results.

If you like horror or just a good read, you should pick up all three of these anthologies – I hope more will come along, these are excellent collections!

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