Solvang, California


Solvang, California

We decided to drive out to Solvang, a small town in Santa Barbara county in California. We hoped it would be about 2 hours driving but, with traffic, it took about 3 each way (plus stops for the dogs to stretch, pee and for us to eat lunch). We took the scenic route up the 154 to Solvang, which I would recommend once – the monochrome mountains are beautiful and majestic.

Solvang is an interesting place; it was settled by Danish immigrants in 1911, and the town looks like a caricature of a Danish village.  Aviva asked me if that’s what Copenhagen looked like (I was there over 20 years ago) – no, not at all, Copenhagen was quite modern, after all it was a center for Danish Modern design (which I like quite a bit). If you want Danish style souvenirs, go to Solvang… Because we arrived late we only had a couple hours to walk around and eat dinner (we ate at the Viking Garden because they have outdoor dining – we like to have the dogs with us when we eat, we usually feed them at the same time); Aviva copped out and had fajitas, but I had a traditional Danish meal of a meatball and Danish sausage with red cabbage.

There are two missions nearby – due to how long it took to get there we only had time to visit one of them, the Mission Santa Ines. We took turns walking around the mission (someone had to stay with Iggy and Jett – as usual, everyone gushed over the dogs).


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