First visit to the DIRECTV call center in Boise, ID


First visit to the DIRECTV call center in Boise, ID

I finally got to visit one of our call centers, this on in Boise, Idaho.

The scenery right around Boise wasn’t spectacular (although there was a wonderful sunset on evening, unfortunately we were in the car and couldn’t stop for a pic), and I suspect just a half hour north would be completely different. We had a nice Italian dinner at Bella Aquilla across from the Hilton Garden Inn where we were staying (I loved the hotel, not expensive but very clean and good service); we also had a mundane meal at TableRock Brewpub and Grill. Perhaps the most notable non-business moment of our visit was our nightcap at Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery – they make their own gin and it’s got a strong Juniper flavor which I loved!

So while Boise itself wasn’t amazing, the call center is – well run, very dedicated leadership team and staff; our meetings were very productive and useful (and fun).

I only took a couple pictures – here they are:


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