Palm Desert (with pics and a video of course!)


Palm Desert (with pics and a video of course!)

We visited Aviva’s mom and her boyfriend; we figured we were due a long weekend away from the valley. So we bundled up Iggy and Jett, loaded the Prius and took off. The drive was easy – we left on Saturday and hit no traffic – what a nice change for LA…

We had a great time – Jett peed in Aviva’s mom’s house twice, and we cleaned it up; she also peed on the comforter on Aviva’s bed at the hotel (hey, that’s what the $50 non-refundable pet deposit is for right?). We discovered the joy of dog parks; the one we visited multiple times a day in Palm Desert was really nice, well fenced, equipped with bags and litter containers along with plenty of benches for pooped owners.

On Saturday we walked the dogs along El Paseo – that’s the expensive shopping street. We didn’t buy anything.

On Sunday we walked around Palm Springs, which is a center for for GLBT lifestyles. We bought Iggy a new harness – we love the Puppia harnesses, and Iggy’s had been getting tighter and tighter as he’s grown (it’s the harness our previous dog, Basil, used). So when I saw the shelves of Puppia harnesses I pointed Aviva to them – she picked out a bigger size and Iggy is now more comfortable on walks! Otherwise, the shops are mostly tourist traps.

On Monday we drove back home, again, no traffic – we managed to time it such that we got home by 3P, missing rush hour!

Here are the pics!


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