More photographs


More photographs

More pictures I’ve taken this week, mostly with my iPhone; hope you enjoy them!

DirecTV had its Programmer’s Day – the companies that provide our programming bring their swag and set up in tents for a 2 1/2 hour party; it was cool to walk around and check out all the varied content DirecTV provides.

This week we decided to try the Red Lobster near our house – its been years since we ate at one; the food was normal, but on the walk back to the car we saw a big banner for “Jews for Jesus.” Jews for Jesus are Jews who believe Jesus was the messiah but not any of the Christian faiths.

And we went to Santa Monica via west LA on Saturday so Aviva could get some canvases (she’s starting to paint again; the workmen said they’d start framing her new studio Monday) and we could visit our favorite bookstore, Hennessey + Ingalls. One of the great things about living in southern California is that we can bring Iggy along with us almost anywhere; he eats with us when we find restaurants with outdoor dining areas.


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