Aviva has mostly gotten over her surgery, so since this is a holiday weekend, we decided to drive to Ojai.

Ojai is a town about one hour west of us down the 101. There are a number of resorts and spas there – we just decided to walk around and shop a little.

One of the coolest shops we visited was run by a gentleman from French Canada – the shop is called Studio Sauvageau and they specialize in handbags made from beautiful fabrics; I suspect Aviva will one day own one. He also makes costumes for people, and very cool masks using a plastic material. We talked for quite a while.

We stopped in a small shop with what appeared to be Japanese ink drawings – they were made by a woman that lived in Ojai; the guy that ran the store made sure we knew the whole story…. I bought a small drawing of a monkey that I liked.

We had a very nice lunch at Vesta Home & Hearth Restaurant – Aviva had a chicken wrap and I had their grilled cheese – a slice of cheddar and one of guerre cheese; the bread was toasted with parmesan cheese, really tasty!

Saturday was Art in the Park, so we took a walk through – it was pretty much the kind of crafty stuff you always see at such shows.


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  1. Naser Ronis
    5:41 am on June 17th, 2010

    Keep working ,great job!

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