The Savvy Presenter: 100 Tips for Mastering Presentations


The Savvy Presenter: 100 Tips for Mastering Presentations

I saw this book in an independent bookstore in LA; I wanted to give them some business so I bought it.

The book is a sparse collection of 100 tips to better public speaking and improved presentations. The sparse nature of the pages (I know white space is an important design element, and therefore this book would qualify as a design example I suppose…) made me question the price I paid for the book. I also didn’t like the duplication of tips – some of the tips overlap greatly. And the illustrations were cheesy and didn’t provide additional information over the tips themselves – a lost opportunity.

On the other hand, all the tips are valid and would be included in evaluations of Toastmasters speeches, for example, but most likely for a less-experienced speaker; for example, tip #72 is:

“As you discuss each main point, insert a statement reinforcing its importance. You can be so bunt as to say: “This is important because …” or “The advantage of this approach is …” (p. 110)

There is an index of topics, which should be included in any “tips” book.

Therefore, if you aren’t very experienced with speaking in public, and you like books you can skim, or books that provide concrete suggestions, this book might be for you.


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