Review: the Otamatone, a musical note you can play


Review: the Otamatone, a musical note you can play

I recently bought an Otamatone; I had seen an ad for a show at the Giant Robot store on Sawtelle to introduce the instrument / toy but couldn’t attend. I was so happy when I saw ThinkGeek offering one a couple days later; you can purchase one from them here.

There are four controls for the instrument, two in front and two in back. The two in back are:

  • A slider switch to select off, mid-volume or full-volume, and
  • A pitch range for low, medium or high.

The front of the note stem is a pitch slider – if you touch that slider, you play a sound; pitch is determined by the position on the slider. And you open or close the note body to change the volume of the sound.

Hear are some pictures of the instrument:

Its a fun instrument to play but not easy to control – like a Theremin, its hard to hit an exact pitch without a lot of practice. Here is a short video where I (try to) play this little toy:


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