Spykee, the spy robot, by Meccano


Spykee, the spy robot, by Meccano

I got a Spykee robot kit from http://www.woot.com on sale; I had some time recently so I assembled the robot.

The kit comes in a square box about a foot on each side; inside are lots of small parts including screws and the tools required to assemble a robot. I choose to assemble the default robot with a head and arms.  I would suggest this kit for a teenager or older – the small parts and careful review of the manual required to assemble it correctly might be difficult for a younger child.

Assembly went well, and in about 3 hours over 3 days I had a robot.

The Spykee is a wireless access point, so to use it you need to install software on your computer, then connect to the robot’s access point – I had to disconnect all my network connections on my Mac to access the robot’s “network.” Once I did I could configure the robot to connect to my wireless network, and so now I can run the robot around the house from my laptop. The “head” has a video camera and a microphone, so you can record video and take pictures with a “robots-eye-view.” There’s also a speaker in the base, so you can talk to people the robot visits.

Here is a video of the robot including the sounds it can make:

And here is a video taken by the robot:

Two pictures taken by the robot:

Spykee 2009-11-22 103004Spykee 2009-11-28 083237

And two pages of the manual:



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