Office toys (some new, some old)

I have quite a collection of toys in my office – I like to have things to look at and play with when I need to think.  Creativity often surges when you take your mind off the problem and let your thoughts operate independently.  Here’s a picture of the credenza behind my desk:


I got a couple new things over the long weekend – first up is a guitar player.  He’s a Japanese toy, part of a full set of band members that are windup toys – I plan to get the whole set and make a short video of them all playing at one time!

And I also found a Mikro “kit” – this is a think sheet of metal that has been laser etched and cut; you fold it following the instructions and end up with a little piece of 3D art work – they look really cool when they’re done, I have two more in storage that I had in my old office.




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