Schitzophrenic social networking – multiple online personality disorder

By day you’re a mild mannered news reporter, and at night you’re a dominatrix; you want to maintain a separate persona for your work-related actiities and the rest of your life.  This is easy to do.

First, pick a name for each persona you want to maintain.  Let’s assume your name is Jane B. Doe – let’s pick jane.b.doe for your work personal and for that evening one.  Go get email addresses for those names either from your ISP or from gmail or even hotmail.

Today, social networking sites equate your email address with you.

Now go out and get accounts on appropriate sites with the name and email address for the appropriate persona – for example, you’ll want to register jane.b.doe with LinkedIn using the email address, and you’ll probably post a wicked MySpace page for, using “her” email address.

Now that I’ve told you how, I want to ask you not to do this; why would you want to work someplace that doesn’t appreciate who you are?  We have a President that’s smoked dope – its time we accept our differences as that which makes us interesting, unique and valuable.


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