A great movie and dinner with a friend

We decided to see “Slumdog Millionaire” yesterday; that movie almost made me cry, its really moving (at least to me).  I loved the use of the questions in the game show as the driver of the action and ultimately the plot.  And the ending Bollywood sequence even worked for me.  You have got to go see this film.

Ticket for \

Then we got some frozen yogurt (did I mention in this blog before that there are frozen yogurt places everywhere in the LA basin?) and drove down to Beverly Hills to meet up with Aviva’s uncle’s girl friend, who was down here preparing for a meeting in May.   Aviva picked Da Pasquale, which turned out to be a country-style Italian restaurant;  best of all, it’s really really good!  They had a special lamb shank with fettucini in a crushed tomato sauce that was wonderful.  The portions were large and we all cleaned out plates – ‘nough said!

Da Pasquale front of cardDa Pasquale back of card


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