Scrum Master training


Scrum Master training

I am now a Certified Scrum Master after attending two days of training down in Costa Mesa.  The class was given by Michael James from Danube Technologies.  The class was very practical and pragmatic, as befits training for an agile process in my opinion.

We learned about the three roles:

  • Product owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Team member

and the four meetings (there is a fifth, optional meeting):

  • Scrum planning
  • Daily standup
  • Review
  • Retrospective

The practical part was to do a series of three scrums to create a game – I got to be Product Owner.  One of my team made a bug:

After the course I had to kill some time (traffic between Costa Mesa and Woodland Hills is terrible at rush hour) so I went to a really big mall, had dinner, and got to view a superior sunset from one of the pedestrian walkways.



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