Videos of Basil – Blackberry on AT&T finally hits 4.5 …

… and I don’t mean on the Richter scale (although there have been some earthquates in SoCal yesterday), I mean the operating system version for the RIM Blackberry with service from AT&T.

A friend I walk with at lunch often also has a Blackberry with AT&T service, and he found that the latest OS was finally available; he installed it and told me it worked well, so I did the same.  And it did install easily and added a few things I’d wanted for a while:

  • Documents to go (so I could read Word and Excel documents better),
  • Full motion video camera, and
  • Audio recorder

I thought I should try out the video camera, so I took a couple videos of our dog, Basil.  The first one is what Basil does when he thinks we’re leaving – he barks and generally raises heck.  The second one is Basil drinking water out of the dog bowl for the big dogs at the house of the guy that watches him when we go out; since Basil acts like a big dog its not so surprising he’d drink from that bowl.


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