A drive down Mulholland Highway

New Years Day 2009 – we decide to take a drive, which we haven’t done in a long time.  We decided to pick up Mulholland Highway at Topanga Canyon and drive towards the coast.

We packed the dog and Aviva and I into the car and took off.  There are a few treacherous sections of road that reminded us of Highway 1 north of San francisco.

We stopped as we entered the hills to take a few pictures.

A panorama of the mountains on the way up Mulholland Highway

We then drove to the Paramount Ranch, which is where a number of westerns were filmed; in addition, the ranch served as South Korea for the filming of M.A.S.H.

Aviva and Basil at the old Paramount lot

The old main supply building for the lot

The old mine store

The store with the train station in the background

A panorama from the bathrooms

We drove further to the Rocky Oaks park, which is a nice small park to walk around.  We turned around at Route 23 and stopped at the Peter Strauss Ranch.

Two views of a very cool white tree against  the woods

The bench at the ranch

A mountain top at sunset

A view of the mountains


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