Chakra Restaurant

Yesterday we ran errands, purchasing a new iPod for me (I could have done with a black and white screen and a better scroll wheel, but having 120Gb is a huge upgrade given my old, dead iPod as a 20Gb model – hey, I use it for music, I put photos on my phone; I really need to remember to scan the pictures I keep in my wallet and get rid of the crumbling insert) and a new futon and matress (the one we have is dying), so we ended up in west LA.

We decided to have dinner at Chakra, a modern Indian restaurant.  Google Maps had it in the wrong place (a number of blocks north of its real location), but one phone call fixed that.  The food was really good; they specialize in south Indian dishes (they claim they can make them authentically spicy – I didn’t have the, er, guts to try that yet so I went with the very spicy version, which was really good); I had a south Indian chicken curry, and Aviva had buriyani, both shared naan and a grilled shrimp appetizer.  Friendly service, very intimate setting (the booths were for two and almost wrapped in colored gauze fabric.  Not cheap but not expensive, I’d go back here.

The business card so you can find them

The facade

A beautiful water curtain with etched glass inside the restaurant; we spent some time walking around looking at the decor


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