Low expectations, and she could be your next president

Not since Dan Quayle took the stage in 1988 have debate expectations for a major party candidate been as low as they will be on Thursday for Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. (link to article)

I would think this was funny if it didn’t affect me.  Sarah Palin could be our next vice president, meaning she could become president if John McCain is elected and then dies.  Low expectations?  Is everyone mad?

We should hold Joe Biden and Sarah Palin up to the standards of the President of the United States, not some cheapened expectations because of where they come from or their lack of experience.

If you haven’t seen the interview of Sarah Palin by Katie Couric, you should – part II is especially enlightening, as a little over half way through Gov. Palin give a monologue on, well, I’m just not sure.  I guess we need tax cuts, oh yea and jobs, and its all about health care….  It would be funny (Saturday Night Live sure thought so – I wonder how Tina Fey managed to remember that gobble-d-gook she had to repeat, its got to be hard to remember something that makes no sense) if it weren’t so true.

I expect Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden to have a strong debate on the issues; in addition, I plan to hold them to the same standard, and you should also.


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