Sawtelle and Little Tokyo

So today Nathan and I ventured to the Sawtelle area, which once was a Japanese area and still has a number of Japanese stores within a three or so block area.

On the way there we stopped at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, which is located in the back of Lazer Blazer, a DVD shop (for purchase and rental). This is the store for folks interested in the Clerks movies, Dogma, and a few other cult classics. I bought a tee shirt and the first volume of the Preacher series, Gone to Texas.

The facade of Lazer Blazer with Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash

We drove back over to Sawtelle and stopped by Giant Robot and Giant Robot 2, and one other store whose name escapes me. Didn’t find much at the Giant Robots, but I got a miniature off-shore oil exploration ship model and a three-part Japanese naval ship model at the other place.

We crossed town to get to Little Tokyo by 1P so Nathan could meet up with a friend of his for lunch.

The Japanese American Museum, where I met Aviva for the day

A Japanese fire tower on the way into Little Tokyo Village Mall

Aviva met me there. We had lunch at Joy Mart Restaurant, where we both had Ramen noodles.

Stopped in a couple of shops, including Bunkado, where Aviva bought some bowls and I bought a bunch of Origami stuff (I used to fold paper when I was very young and want to start again).

Aviva and I shopped around a bit and then met up with Nathan at the Little Tokyo Mall.

We walked by this Buddhist temple

A wall where Aviva parked the car

We walked by a very cool Japanese garden

Aviva headed home to pick up our dog from the sitter, and Nathan and I stopped at Jungle Special Collectors Shop; this place is the place to find Anime and other Japanese figures (their main office is in Japan).


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