Real Dolls

We saw a documentary last night on BBC America called “Love Me, Love My Doll.”

This was a strange one we found by accident – a documentary about four men that own realdolls – dolls designed to look and feel like women.  I’m providing the link to the wikipedia entry here for your enjoyment.  I think this is a little strange, but if it makes the guys happy I guess it can’t be that bad (to badly paraphrase Sheryl Crow).  The dolls do look very realistic (at least the faces – they fuzzed all the bits you can’t show on TV).  These guys dress up and make up the dolls, which I find a little wierd – one time I went as a woman on Halloween and Aviva had to teach me the basics of make up; I wonder how these guys figured it out, since they claimed to have little contact with women.


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