Eastern Promises

We saw “Eastern Promises” Sunday morning.

Eastern Promises is David Cronenberg’s latest movie.  Its a bit of a departure for him.  The movie is set in London and involves the Russian Mafia.  A young woman is rushed to the hospital – she dies but gives birth to a baby girl.  The young doctor finds her diary tucked in a pocket and takes it.  From there the story builds to a dramatic and effective fight scene (warning – there’s male nudity here!) that’s all Cronenberg.

The film is shot in a very harsh high-contrast style that fits nicely with the story (this too is a trademark, I think, of his films).  The rain (which is so common in London) also adds nicely to the depressing aspects of the story.

Its a short film (running just over 1 1/2 hours) but it was worth it I think.

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