Return to Chicago

We got up early and had a room service breakfast; the busboy brought in the breakfast on a cart while Aviva was in her nightie – whoops! We’re both tired and sore from all the walking and traveling. There’s an air controllers strike scheduled for today at 10AM and we leave at 9:25AM – I hope we make it.

The flight attendants joined the air traffic controllers, but we made it out anyway (we saw in a news ticker item in Detroit airport that hundreds of flights were canceled) – our flight was delayed 1/2 hour but we still got airborne before 10AM. And we had time to buy some candy for the kids at the vet that keep Basil while we’re away and for my office.

Our connection in Paris went well too – we bought some more candy. Our flight from Detroit to Chicago was delayed (of course) by over an hour. Then, the first cab driver didn’t want to take us – the trip to our house is just past a short haul but not nearly as costly as a run downtown, so the cab drivers don’t like to take us from the airport. I did complain to the guy running the stand and he had words with the driver. We took another cab home.

We’re really tired and miss our dog tremendously. I have my usual skin rash from the sun – I’ll make an appointment with the doctor so she can see it I hope.

And I read two books on this trip:

The first book gave me a lot of insight into what goes on in a restaurant – I saw things in Italy that made sense after reading that one. And the second one was strange and, I guess, wonderful (almost too strange to tell) – I’ll have to read his other novels now.

We saw a lot of stuff and we walked all over the place. And we ate. Well. What could be better than stolling through Florence at sunset after eating a wonderful dinner?

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