After breakfast, we started walking towards the Museo Horne, an art museum near Santa Croce. The museum has a number of interesting works, including a Giotto.

We then had lunch at Trattoria Il Bargello, Borgo dei Greci 37/r; it wasn’t anything to write home about. Then we shopped a bit – Aviva bought more angels on wood panels (I wonder how many of those fit on the head of a pin anyway).

Then we spent two and a half hours walking around Santa Croce, which is one of the most important places in Florence. As we were finishing the interior we asked someone a question – it turned out it was an older docent who spent at least 20 minutes telling us a bunch of things about the history of some of the burials at Santa Croce. For example, the small black round decoration in the middle of the Galileo monument is decorated with three concentric circles with spheres on them – they represent the three moons of Jupiter that Galileo found, called the Medici moons because they were his patron. His bones were moved to the current monument in the 1800s. The docent also showed us where Ghiberti (who won the contest to design the bapistry doors over Brunileschi) and Vasari are buried.

We stopped at Badia Fiorentina, an old church with a Fillipo Lippi painting – we saw the painting but couldn’t see the church as they only have visiting hours from 3 – 6 PM on Mondays.

I always seem to find stuffed animals in Italy

I always seem to find stuffed animals in Italy

Back to the room to freshen up and pick a dinner spot. We walked over to Trattoria Casa di Dante gia Pennelo at Via D. Alighieri 4r. Dinner was really good.

We went back to the room and it was really noisy outside – some kind of street concert until 11 PM – I think we’ll move to the back of the hotel tomorrow.

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