Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

Aviva and I got turned on to Anthony Bourdain from his Travel Channel television show, “No Reservations.” He’s irreverent and willing to try almost anything. This book is very much like that….

It was eye opening for me at least – it was fun to learn that restraurants really do recycle bread and that you shouldn’t eat seafood on Monday (in a restraurant that is – the fish has probably been in the fridge since Friday).Watch out for specials too – they are a way to make some money back on old food. Cooks are typically a rough crowd.

He had some great suggestions for home cooking:

  • Buy one good kitchen knive, as big as you to handle
  • An offset serrated knife
  • A mandoline
  • Thick, heavy pans (if you think it would dent if you hit someone with it, its too thin)
  • A good non-stick saute pan (never wash it – just wipe it out)

He has some good suggestions of uncommon cooking foods to keep in the kitchen.

I really really liked this book – this is a must read if you care at all about the culinary arts.


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