Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

This is a great book once you have some knowledge of what architecture and strategy are. I think a number of the figures and some of the text will be useful in describing what should be done to use architecture to align strategies, and also may point to some measurements that would be useful to tell if you’re on the right track.First up are the elements you need to create and exploit a foundation for execution, which includes strategy and architecture.

The book follows with four operating models; selecting an overall operating model for the organization, along with perhaps other models for parts of the company, is needed to determine what materials are needed for a successful enterprise architecture, and how governance of the architecture should be handled.

The operating models foster different types of growth opportunities.

As the architecture (and strategy) matures, flexibility changes. We often talk about agility in organizations; the goal of
an organization with strong strategy and architecture will likely be organizational agility, which is the ability of the organization as a whole to change direction.

Below is a survey of corporations indicating which enterprise architecture practices were in place.

The last figure I’ve copied here is how management practices evolve along the architecture stages.


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