Last King of Scotland

Title: Last King of Scotland
Viewed on: October 21, 2006
Aviva and I took Aviva’s mom, Lily, to see this movie.

The film is about a Scotish doctor, Dr. Garrigan, who goes to Uganda fresh from school, meets Idi Amin, becomes his personal physician, and then things get scary (I don’t want to give the film away in case you want to see it).

Lily felt it was too violent, but I thought it wasn’t violent enough. Amin killed lots of Udandans – this was almost a magical realization for Dr. Garrigan that this is going on; he sees it in a newspaper. The pacing was off – I looked at my watch at least three times during the film.

On the plus side, Forrest Whitaker makes a great Idi Amin – he’s got the expressions, the capricous behavior and the accent down pat.

But, this isn’t really a story about Idi Amin, but instead about the doctor, and I don’t think its that good.


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