The flight home

We got up this morning on the 30th, ate, cleaned up and checked out of our room. As we had a couple of hours we walked back to Casa Mila and went to their store – we needed a few more tchatchkes for our friends and families. We got a cab and didn’t have any accidents on this trip to the airport. We ate a sandwich for lunch, shopped around the airport, and got our flight. We got into Schiphol, did our last shopping (some chocolates and a watch for my son Nathan), got our room at the Sheridan at the airport, and some dinner (a very good one from the hotel restaurant), took a shower/bath and hit the sheets.

We got up early – the bed wasn’t comfortable for Aviva, I think the top pillow was too much, and the head pillows were too big and soft. We had a nice breakfast (the Sheridan has a fantastic breakfast buffet). Cleaned up, we headed to the gate.

We got to the gate early, got on the plane and found room for all our stuff (we had two rolling bags, two under seat bags, a small duffel and a small backpack). Then we waited. And waited. Our flight was delayed three hours.

The flight itself was uneventful. Once we landed we rushed to passport control – they now have the US passports going through a single long winding line. We finally cleared that and customs and headed to the taxi stand. Aviva went down the line of cabs looking for one willing to let us pick up our dog, Basil, from the vet on the way home – the vet is only open til 3P on Saturdays and we had already asked someone to stay a little late to let us pick him up. She found a cab and we headed out. We got Basil 20 minutes before the deadline to get him, and we all made it home. I helped the driver put water in his radiator (his car was running really hot), and then we were finally home.

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