Visited Nathan this weekend

This weekend Aviva and I went to Detroit, a dying city. We went to the naming ceremony for the daughter of a cousin of Aviva’s – it was a very nice ceremony.

Saturday I got to see Nathan – as you can see from this picture, he looks a lot like his dad:

Nathan is holding a book Dave gave him, a novel, Heresy, set during the Crusades.

We had a good time running around a mall (Nathan said he likes Hitman 2 for XBox 360 a lot) and then Dave and Busters (a cool video arcade – Nathan beat me (of course) at all the video games but his dad still outshoots him at the basketball shot game).

We came back today, Sunday – since I’ve got Premium Elite status with Northwest this year, they upgraded us to first class for both flights – fantastic, even if only for an hour.


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