Palm Desert, CA, March 12 – 17


Palm Desert, CA, March 12 – 17

We flew out in coach class (at least Aviva and I were on the two-seat side of the MD-S80). We walked around Palm Desert on Monday and Palm Springs on Tuesday, nothing really eventful. We did get to eat twice at Manhattan in the Desert, our favorite deli in Palm Springs.

On Wednesday, we decided to take a hike, so we went up to Tahquitz Canyon and walked up to the water falls – these falls are famous because they were used for the falls at Shangri-La in “Lost Horizons.” It was a two mile hike and we both made it (I had to forge ahead and prove that the falls were close, go back to Aviva who was sitting resting and get her to walk the rest of the way – it was worth it!). The waterfall drops into a pool – we came up from the right side of the creek, and so we came around a corner and were just next to the waterfall – it was much cooler than the sunny walk up.

On Thursday, Aviva, her mom Lil, her brother Brian, and I went to the Araby Trail and hiked near to Bob Hope’s home. It was a warm day and we drank a lot of water – we walked about two miles again this day.

On Friday we left the sun and warmth and flew back to Chicago. Oh well….


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