Getting Things Done

  • Title: Getting Things Done
  • Author: David Allen
  • Paperback: 267 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Books (January, 2003)
  • ISBN: 0142000280

This is a very good book – it was recommended, as an aside, in an RSS news feed I read regularly (the main thrust was recommending a web-based list management site, tasktoy). David Allen suggests that we spend too much mental effort remembering things we need to do, and too little time actually doing them. So, he suggests a simple approach to getting work organized and then attacking it one action at a time which revolves around task lists, working on short (less-than-2-minute) items quickly, and then working on the next most important action first.

I spent parts of two days during my holiday getting my office under control using these techniques – time will tell if there’s real payback or not, but I suspect there will be.


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