Three books on creativity

I have an active interest in creativity, and here are three books I read (pretty much in a row) on the subject:

Here are some things I found interesting from my readings on creativity.

  • Say whatever’s on your mind. Don’t hold back hunches, guesses, wild ideas, images, intentions. [Notice that this is also very good advice on “brainstorming” or “lateral thinking”.] Speak as continuously as possible. Say something at least once every five seconds, even if only “I’m drawing a blank.”
  • Speak audibly. Watch out for your voice dropping as you become involved.
  • Speak as telegraphically as you please. Don’t worry about complete sentances and eloquence.
  • Don’t overexplain or justify. Analyse no more than you would normally.
  • Don’t elaborate past events. Get into the pattern of saying what you’re thinking now, not of thinking for a while and then describing your thoughts.

The Creative Mind, pp. 241-242


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