Yet another trip to Amsterdam with a side trip to Arnhem

Business takes me back to Amsterdam

Arrived on Monday morning, May 9, and worked hard
all week. Got to take the weekend off – at Claartje’s suggestion (one of our
old Maestro team members), I went to the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. When I get
back home I’ll take the photos and scans I have and put them on a web page in my
travelogue, but let me tell you that for “serious” people the Open Air Museum is
great fun especially on a beautiful sunny day! Take the bus back to the city
unless you like a long walk in the fields outside the city – it will take 1/2
hour to walk back to Arnhem Centrum from the

Sunday I hoofed around again.
First the Stedelijk (at the waterfront while their new building is built). The
exhibit was fun with a few very interesting works. Then I walked towards the
Hermitage Amsterdam, stopping to eat at a Glatt Kosher restaurant, King Solomon,
then saw the Venetian painting exhibit. Then back to the room to rest my feet
and back out to the Van Gogh Museum – I haven’t been there in at least 7 years
and its now very nice and clean and the exhibits are good. There is a show of
works on paper from the Stedelijk – it includes a wall of work by Odilon Redon,
a truely great symbolist artist. And then back to the room to rest, grab dinner
at a so-so Chinese restaurant (Tong Ah) and then sleep.


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