Java WebStart

A variety of things around Java WebStart and the
Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP).

I use the plain BitTorrent client. To look
inside the BitTorrent files I had to start downloading the content. So, I
decided to write my own viewer, which I did. I post most of my Java tools using
Java WebStart, Sun’s implementation of the Java Network Launching Protocol
(JNLP). JNLP provides a full deployment environment, not just an installation
environment – you can control updates via JNLP, there is security (files are
signed for example). Here are some links you might find

Java WebStart page

Technologies Ant Tasks, including tasks for JNLP

Venus Application Publisher for JNLP

WebStart Walkthrough

There’s a lot of software that runs
within WebStart – here’s a
link to a page of ones I wrote


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