Why am I interested in The Netherlands?

It was twenty years ago today…. When I first
visited Amsterdam. I love it!

You might have noticed that I have a topic on The

I first visited
Amsterdam over twenty years ago on my way out of Saudi Arabia. I fell in love
with the city back then – it was wonderful to be able to walk around and just
see things and do things. The city felt safe mostly. Its small enough to walk
all over it but big enough to stay

Now I work for ABN AMRO
Bank, which is the largest bank in The Netherlands (been there 8 years now) and
around 15th largest worldwide. I still love visiting The Netherlands – every
time, I walk around the city and discover new interesting things to see and do.
I’ve got travelogue pages for my trips in 1998,
2002 and

I love the tolerance,
but I’m afraid that will change with the recent murder of Theo van Gogh and
other problems related to immigration. The people have always treated me nicely
and I’ve had some great conversations in bars and over meals.


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