Listening to personal radio on your

Well, since I now have a 20Gb iPod (my 4Gb mini
was lifted the last time I was in Amsterdam), I’ve decided to try out
podcasting; podcasting is people putting together virtual radio shows and
distributing the audio data files using a content description format called RSS
(Really Simple Syndication). Its pretty interesting, but of course not ALL of
it. I tried out Adam Curry’s podcast – I just can’t get into it. One of the
big directories of podcasting sites is . I’m currently
listening to these podcasts:

Air America Radio

Apple Log


Geek News Central

Inside Mac Radio

The M Show

The Sound of

And using the iPodderX software
on my PowerBook for loading podcasts. It works pretty well – it can be
configured using its preferences to convert MP3 to AAC and put them into a given
genre – that makes it pretty easy to listen to them on the iPod.


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