Evil: An Investigation

  • Title: Evil: An Investigation
  • Author: Lance Morrow
  • Softcover: 276 Pages
  • Publisher: Basic Books (September 30, 2004)
  • ISBN: 0465047556

I liked this book – I read it in about a week of commuting. Some of the reviews on Amazon complain that the author doesn’t
define evil. I believe that was his point, that evil is beyond definition. Try to define good or perfect; its not possible except by using its opposite, in this case perhaps good or beauty or….

The examples are numerous. They include the Nazis (of course), Pol Pot, Josef Stalin, and a few serial murders. Interesting, quite a bit is described of evil to children and the infirm, as such behavior seems to be more evil, if such a construction can be made, than the, er, run of the mill evil.


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