Fading Liberal Dream Tears Dutch Apart

An article from the Observer International about
the rise of racial tensions in The Netherlands.

I love The Netherlands – its perhaps the only
place I’ve visited (and over and over again) that I would consider to live
besides where I am now in Chicago. But, with recent events, especially the
murder of Theo van Gogh, there are new tensions and issues around immigration.
Here’s the article:,6903,1411813,00.html

So I’ve gone looking for Theo van
Gogh’s movie – I found it once before and watched it (just part 1, part 2 is
supposed to be available soon, but I wonder how much trouble will start up after
part 2 is released). I found a bit
torrent file
which seems to

Since I spent three months in
Saudi Arabia twenty years ago, I can see why radicals would be infuriated by
this film. It is designed to be inflammatory.


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